Petromax Fire Plunger

Petromax Fire Plunger

Reliable ignition everywhere whether on climbing tour in the mountains, when walking in the woods or during camping in the wilderness.


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Petromax Fire Plunger

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Petromax Fire Plunger


Reliable ignition everywhere

Whether on climbing tour in the mountains, when walking in the woods or during camping in the wilderness: With the Petromax Fire Plunger you can light a warming fire or cooking place in any surroundings. As energy independent ignition source and regardless of weather conditions it is your faithful friend for starting a fire on your own. Shorter than a hand in length the Petromax Fire Plunger easily fits in any luggage and thus provides the ignition spark for your adventure.

Compressed fire power

The thoroughly designed Fire Plunger cleverly combines a century old fire-starting method. The traditional way to light tinder in a hollow cylinder by means of air compression was already known to indigenous people. This technique is revived with the Petromax Fire Plunger and is as simple as it is effective: The plunger is fitted with tinder and pressed down forcefully into the plunger body. Due to the arising air pressure and the heat of up to 400 °C you light the tinder and thus a ball of tinder or a fireplace provided in no time – without electricity, igniter or any other means. As an additional ignition option you can use the firesteel that is stowed inside the plunger. It guarantees a sparking fire start.

A nice handful

The high-grade black anodised Petromax Fire Plunger consists of plunger and plunger body. Tinder and lubricant for smooth ignition you can find in the containers at the respective ends. They are well secured through threaded caps. When you unscrew the tinder container from the plunger you can remove the additional firesteel. The Fire Plunger itself can be stowed compactly in the appropriate transport pouch. That way it is ensured that nothing is lost and the Petromax Fire Plunger is fully prepared for repeated ignition use.



Assembled Dimensions:  5.5 in. x 1 in.  x 1 in.
Pouch Dimensions: 5.7 in. x 2.6 in. x 1 in.

Scope of delivery:

1 x plgx
1 x Transport pouch
4 x Gasket
1 x Vaseline
1 x Firesteel (inside the plunger)


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