Three Little Pigs

Kansas City Sweet Style BBQ Sauce

Kansas City Sweet Style BBQ Sauce

Works perfect with beef, pork, poultry, fish & seafood!


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Kansas City Sweet Style BBQ Sauce

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Three Little Pigs

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Kansas City Sweet Style BBQ Sauce -541g


A classic tomato-based sauce starting with ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, sugar, seasonings, and smoke.  It is the balance of flavors that is the genius of this sauce.  Thick enough to stay put, thin enough to pour, even when cold.  All in all, the flavour of these sauces are conservative, but the balance of sweet (sugars), sour (vinegar and Worcestershire sauce), heat (cayenne mash) and smoke make them simply perfect.

This BBQ sauce is one of those that has propelled the Three Little Pigs Barbeque Team to eight American Royal Championships and the Jack Daniels World Championship in 2000.  Their outstanding blend of spices and smoky flavor will delight your barbeque taste buds.  Try it on ribs, brisket, pork, chicken or just about anything you like and your guests will scream for more. 

Three Little Pigs Barbeque is regarded by many as the best Kansas City barbeque they’ve ever tasted.  After winning and placing at barbeque contests all over the United States, Three Little Pigs Barbeque has decided to sell its award-winning barbeque to the public.  Head Cook, Chris Marks, still uses the family recipes created by his father more than 20 years ago.  Three Little Pigs Barbeque has a mild smoky flavor enhanced with marinades and spices. This great taste along with ribs, brisket and pork of the highest quality combine to create a barbeque experience youll never forget.

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